Palisada łupana Muro

The palisade can have up to 1 meter in height, which allows for building retaining walls. The split palisades are manufactured with the same technology as split fences and facade tiles. The use of these elements in one garden space can result in a harmonious and consistent design.

Additional information


7,7×7,5×35 cm _ 15x10x35 cm
15×11,5×35 cm _ 15×11,5×52 cm
15x13x100 cm _ 15x13x30 cm
15x13x35 cm _ 15x13x52 cm
15x13x60 cm _ 22,5x13x60 cm
22,5x13x30 cm _ 22,5x13x115 cm

Number of items on a pallet

from 18 to 240 pcs
* depending on the selected type

Pallet weight

from 1100 to 1615 kg
* depending on the selected type


  • Biały
  • Grafit
  • mix A4 Czekolada
  • mix A5 Toffii
  • mix A6 Marago
  • mix A8 Mocca
  • mix A12 Frappe