Okapnik Muro

An element to top out fences and palisades. A wide choice of colour options simplifies matching it to other products from our range.

Additional information


100x31x7 cm _ 98x46x7 cm
98x23x7 cm _ 46x46x7 cm
46x31x7 cm _ 84x46x7 cm
84x31x7 cm _ 84x23x7 cm



Number of items on a pallet

from 10 to 300 pcs
* depending on the selected type

Pallet weight

from 610 to 785 kg
* depending on the selected type


  • Biały
  • Biały Forte
  • Fredo
  • Grafit
  • Latte
  • Lungo
  • mix A4 Czekolada
  • mix A5 Toffi
  • mix A6 Marago
  • mix A7 Wanilia
  • mix A8 Mocca
  • mix A11 Capucino
  • mix A12 Frappe