Ogrodzenie łupane Muro

A modular split fence system was designed for natural stone enthusiasts. Both the texture and colour of this product imitate it perfectly. The classic and harmonious form of the split stone fence system allows for using it to match any style of house, garden or piece of small-architecture. The imitation of natural section of a stone highlights the uniqueness of form.

Additional information


2-stronnie łupane
P22 _ 22x38x8 cm _ 22x38x12 cm
22x38x16 cm
P38 _ 38x38x8 cm _ 38x38x12 cm
38x38x16 cm

4-stronnie łupane
S22 _ 38x22x8 cm _ 38x22x12 cm
38x22x16 cm
S38 _ 38x38x8 cm _ 38x38x12 cm
38x38x16 cm

Płytka elewacyjna
38x5x8 cm _ 38x5x12 cm _ 38x5x16 cm



Number of items on a pallet

from 30 to 400 pcs
* depending on the selected type

Pallet weight

from 880 to 1422 kg
* depending on the selected type


  • Biały Forte
  • Biały
  • Fredo
  • Latte
  • Lungo
  • Grafit
  • mix A1 Złota Jesień
  • mix A3 Złota Jesień
  • mix A4 czekolada
  • mix A5 toffi
  • mix A6 Marago
  • mix A7 Wanilia
  • mix A8 Mocca
  • mix A11 Cappucino
  • mix A12 Frappe