Bloczek dekoracyjny Muro

The small decorative blocks imitate natural, chipped stone. It can provide characteristic atmosphere and style compared to other chipped elements and most of our products.


Additional information


19x13x15 cm _ 19x13x7,5 cm
32x13x15 cm _ 32x13x7,5 cm
19x15x22,5 cm _ 19x15x15 cm
19x15x7,5 cm _ 32x15x22,5 cm
32x15x15 cm _ 32x15x7,5 cm



Number of items on a pallet

from 45 to 240 pcs
* depending on the selected type

Pallet weight

from 450 to 1320 kg
* depending on the selected type


  • Biały
  • Grafit
  • mix A4 Czekolada
  • mix A5 Toffi
  • mix A6 Marago
  • mix A8 Mocca
  • mix A12 Frappe